QA Engineer

Join our team as a QA Engineer! Are you passionate about ensuring the highest #quality in software solutions? Ozone Company is on the lookout for a dedicated #Software #Tester to join our dynamic team. Apply now or share this post with someone you think would be a great fit for the role!

Senior DevOps Engineer

Join our team as a Senior #DevOps #Engineer at Ozone Company! If you’re passionate about DevOps and are ready to take your career to the next level, we want to hear from you. Apply now and share this post with your #developer friends.

Go Developer

Join Our Zone as a Go Developer Extraordinaire! If you are a Go developer with a passion for harnessing the language’s unique paradigms, idioms, and syntax to create groundbreaking solutions, please send your #CV for us. Requirements: Proficiency in the Go programming language, including its paradigms, constructs, and idiomatic expressions. Familiarity with Go modules and […]

Mid-level .NET Developer

Join Our Team as a Mid-Level .NET Developer (ML.NET)! 🔎 Are you a talented .NET developer with a passion for unlocking the full potential of the .NET framework to create innovative solutions? We’re looking for you! *Responsibilities: – Develop, deploy, and maintain scalable and high-quality Minimal API solutions using .NET 6 and ML.NET. – Work […]